Pictorial of Fry from the Cone to 13 Weeks
Carol Roberts  

Rates of growth can vary by temperature and other factors. I like to use a 29 gallon bare-bottom tank with a sponge filter. My water parameters were as follows: GH 6, pH 7.6, temperature 82 F.

This pair consisted of a proven Red Turquoise female and a Yellow Pigeon Blood (first time dad). This pair had several failed attempts. The eggs were laid, but not fertilized. I didn't get pictures of eggs on the cone as I thought this was just another practice run.

Day 1 - Eggs are laid. The fertilized ones turn dark about 24+ hours later and begin hatching about 55 hours later. This may take longer if the temperature is lower.

Day 3 - Wrigglers! Many times the parents will move the wigglers from the cone and hide them elsewhere in the aquarium.

Day 5 - Free-swimming (counted as day born). The fry may take awhile to find the parents and attach.

Day 12 - I begin hatching and feeding baby brine shrimp at about one week old. Squirt an eyedropper full of orange BBS right over the fry. Within a few days the babies will actively hunt down the BBS.

Day 18 - By the second week you will see the fry picking at their parents' food. It's especially funny to watch them try to eat California Black Worms. Even at this young age they will succeed in nipping off bits.


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