My Name is April and I'm a Discaholic
April Ross March 14, 2002.

Hi... my name is April, and I have become a discaholic. Not to worry! Itís not too terrible of an affliction.

When I was 19 years old I went into a local fish store in Richmond where I saw these two very nice round fish called Discus. I was told they die easy and they were far beyond my price range - about $50.00 each. But I never forgot those beautiful fish! I also got a book on breeding aquarium fish for my birthday. The book showed pictures of discus with their fry on their sides and explained how they fed them from their slime coat. This I found fascinating.

Years later, being about 4 years ago, I saw an ad for discus fry in the buy and sell, so got the tank ready and bought my first 6 Discus. Then I began doing some Internet searches. I found a forum and began reading. I thought I will never absorb all this, but as it was repeated over and over it sank in.

I began collecting discus from the local fish shop (LFS) and was very careful not to overdo the one discus per 10 gallon rule. Which in turn meant more tanks. Then I met some great breeders online...on the forums and got my first order shipped from USA.

Since then I have ordered over a dozen times and began to meet local people who also ordered with me and shared the shipping. As of now I have fish from a few good breeders and have them spread over two places. My house and my shop, a dog grooming shop. At the shop I have my pairs and older juveniles. At home I have my wilds and for quarantine reasons, any new Discus so they are not in contact with my other Discus at the shop.

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