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Suggestions for treatment:
Treating Hexamita with Metronidazole. Dosage source of this information, "Discus Fish" by Giovanetti.

This medication can be given in 2 ways:

Method 1: dissolved in a gel food at 1% by food volume = 1gram per 4 oz of food (most aquarium preps use capsules containing 250 mg of powdered metronidazole). Personally, I use flake or Tetra Bits as the food here because it is easy to measure, and my fish readily take it. Take the food you will be using and in a small pan add some hot water until it becomes a watery paste, add the metronidazole and then add one packet of Knox gelatin (~7grams). Mix well. Using aluminum foil make a shallow 1" high mold and pour the food mix into this, spread it out so its about 1 - 2 cm thick, and let set in the refrigerator. Next cut it up into smaller squares and store in the freezer. When needed take out one of this small squares and cut it up into to bite size pieces. I use this food for until I see no signs of Hexamita (slimy white feces). Then I repeat in 2 weeks with a 3 day dose to be sure. When using metro it is recommended to do water changes between doses.

Method 2: administered at 250 mg/20 gallons of water (some use 250mg/10gal). It is recommended at 3 treatments, every other day, with water changes in between. The author follows this and then puts the fish on the metro food diet above until I see no sign of Hex.

Internet resources for information on Hexamita:
There are many additional sources of information on this disease, and it is generally covered in most fish disease books as well.

The drug metronidazole comes in two forms. One form is not water soluable, and is best used in food mixes. This is called metronidazole.If the fish is not eating it would be best to try the other form, Dimetronidazole, which is water soluable, and goes into solution very easily. In both cases the drug is absorbed through the gills when added to the water.

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