Using California Blackworms as Medicated Feed
Ardan Huck March 8, 2003

I have used the California blackworms with Metronidazole for Hexamita parasites, and also used them with Pipzine (not at the same time). The Pipzine works against some internal worms.

I usually put the worms on a newspaper for about 15 minutes to dry a bit, then put them into the solution of 1 cup dechlorinated water plus either 250 mg Metro or 1 capsule Pipzine. I leave them in the solution for 3 or 4 hours, then feed. I did learn this from Cary at Great Lakes Discus, so I give him the credit.

I have done this once a month as a preventative, alternating Metro and Pipzine each month. If I were to see a worm expelled, I would continue the treatment.

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