De-wormer dosage using Panacur
Al Sabetta April 5, 2002

Panacur is used often by veterinarians for treatment of internal nematodes and giardia. It contains the highly effective drug Fenbendazole. This medication can be given in two ways.

Method 1:
  • Dissolved in a gel food at 1 percent by food volume = 1 gram per 4 ounces of food. Personally, I use flake or Tetra Bits as the food here because it is easy to measure.

  • Take the food you will be using and in a small pan add some hot water until it becomes a watery paste

  • Add the Panacur and then add one packet of Knox gelatin - 7 grams

  • Mix well

  • Using aluminum foil make a shallow 1 inch high mold and pour the food mix into this

  • Spread it out so it's about 1 - 2 cm thick, and let set in the refrigerator

  • Next cut it up into smaller squares and store in the freezer

  • When needed take out one of these small squares and cut it up into to bite size pieces

  • I use this food for 3 - 4 days in a row, then repeat treatment in about 3 weeks

Method 2:
If the fish is no longer eating, it can be tubed into the fishes' mouth at a dose of 75 - 100 mg/kg (2.2lbs), using a syringe.

Note: When using Panacur, check the concentration of the medicine. It comes as a powder or a liquid. If itís a liquid suspension it's usually a 10 percent suspension, so multiply the above doses by 10.

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