About Us
SimplyDiscus was first opened on April 5, 2002 as a small message forum community. The site was intended for a select group of friends who were currently on a message forum that was being sold. Its primary purpose was to give everyone a place to go in case the other forum was closed. At most, the expected membership total for SimplyDiscus was in the vicinity of fifty to sixty people.

Al Sabetta (brewmaster15) was looking into buying the old message forum at the time in order to keep it from being closed permanently. April Ross, a long-time member of the online discus community and friend of Al's, introduced Al to Ryan Smith. Ryan was a college student with an interest in web design and also a discus hobbyist. After several e-mails had been exchanged between Al and Ryan, it was decided that a new, discus-only forum could be started with a little effort and patience.

Ryan started building the site in March of 2002. Friends and acquaintances of Al, April, and Ryan were the first people to be invited to join the site a month later. SimplyDiscus started small, but slowly new members began to trickle in and the board started to steadily grow. Word of mouth, at this point, was the only type of promotion in place for the website.

Eventually, the software used for the message forum was updated to operate more quickly and to be more user-friendly. SimplyDiscus was moved to a bigger, faster server to accommodate the hundreds of active members, their messages, and picture attachments. The site was submitted to search engines and links databases in an effort to further promote the forum. It quickly became one of the largest and most active discus forums on the Internet.

SimplyDiscus prides itself on being a community of discus enthusiasts and would like to thank all of the fine people that have come together to make this site what it is. Our thanks go out to all the members that contribute on a regular basis to our site. Special thanks also go out to our Moderators for all the time they volunteer helping people, and to our sponsors for their financial support.

The mission of SimplyDiscus has remained the same since it opened. The purpose of the website is to educate, inform, and connect discus hobbyists worldwide in an effort to promote the hobby and strive for a better understanding of our fish. From newcomers to experienced breeders and long-time devotees, it is the goal of SimplyDiscus to provide a fun, family-oriented environment where discus lovers can share ideas, learn new tricks, ask questions, and enjoy their hobby. Ultimately, SimplyDiscus hopes to provide you with the knowledge and understanding to raise happy, healthy discus.

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