Disease and Medications
Discus that have been exposed to diseases or that have been improperly cared for may fall victim to a number of problems. This portion of the library concentrates on disease diagnosis, treatment, and preventative measures such as quarantine.

In no way does SimplyDiscus recommend a particular medication, its dosage or usage to treat an ailment. The articles herein are for informational purposes, and diseases should be identified by qualified fish health specialists. Medications listed here do not imply that they are approved for use in ornamental fish by the Food and Drug Administration or the Environmental Protection Agency.

Many factors have a bearing on fish health including stress and cross-contamination. Though discus are tough fish, it is not uncommon for them to fall victim to stress-related illnesses or introduced diseases. The information contained in this section is a general overview of fish diseases, aquarium pests, and other aspects of diagnosing and identifying problems with your fish or aquarium.

There are many common internal problems that are associated with discus, including tapeworm, hexamita, and hole-in-the-head. There are a wide range of causes as well as treatments for internal problems, and different ways to identify each one. The purpose of these articles is to help hobbyists pinpoint potential problems and find the best solutions for them.

Unlike internal parasites and diseases which can be difficult to detect at first, external problems are clearly visible and are often easily noticed by the watchful discus keeper. Have your fish been scratching? Is the slime coat on your fish coming off? Find helpful information here regarding the external parasites and pathogens that may be troubling your discus.

There are many common medications and fixes that can be kept on hand in your fishes' "medicine cabinet." These range from common household items like salt to potassium permanganate and metronidazole. On the discus forums and in many articles you may read about a wide variety of substances that are used to treat an assortment of things. These articles will explain those substances in more detail.

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