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Striated Discus Solid Discus Spotted Discus Pigeon Blood Discus

Striated discus include some of the earliest tank-bred strains such as turquoise and red turquoise discus. Also included in this category are discus such as snakeskins which have finer striated patterns. Many wild-type discus also fit into this category.

The most popular of the solid fish include Marlboro Reds, Red Melons, and Blue Diamonds. These fish lack the striation in their gills, fins, and body that most other types of discus exhibit. Though not for everyone, the solid discus have become a favorite of many discus hobbyists.

Spotted discus, from the wild red spotted greens to the intensely colorful Asian varieties, are increasingly sought after and in demand. This variety includes the popular Leopard discus. Many new forms of these spotted discus have become available in the past few years.

The pigeon blood variety is one of the largest and most diverse. Pigeon discus include fish with spots, striations, and solid color types and may be orange, red, blue, or even white. Pigeons are also easily distinguished by their bright red eyes.
Wild Caught Discus Discus Spawning & Raising Fry Discus in Planted & Community Tank Discus & Fishroom Setups

Many hobbyists have a soft spot for the original discus -- wilds. These fish include browns, blues, greens, and heckels. The varieties and color morphs seem endless. Wild discus range from solid to spotted and display a huge array of different colors.

One of the most fascinating sights is a pair of discus spawning and tending eggs or fry. Collected here are pictures from hobbyists of spawning discus and discus raising their young. Also included are timeline pictures of various stages of fry growth.

Many discus enthusiasts prefer to leave the bare-bottom tanks behind and show off their fish in planted or display tanks. These tanks may be discus-only or they may include additional tankmates.

Setting up a fish room can be a difficult and time-consuming project. The pictures in this section allow hobbyists to show off their setups for fish rooms, water changes, brine shrimp hatcheries -- anything fish room related.

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