Artificial Rearing
Al Sabetta  

Discus bred two ways. One is to naturally allow the parents to guard the eggs, watch over the fry, and protect the fry. The fry will "graze" on a special secretion off the sides of the parents. This method is a beautiful thing to watch, and it is every hobbyists' greatest aspiration to have a pair successfully raise their young. I will cover this on another page.

Often the first way is not possible, practical, or desirable. Breeders may step in and take over the rearing of the eggs by artificial breeding techniques. There are many benefits to this controlled breeding technique.

Here are some photos from my artificial breeding experiments.

Photo 1: Here is a pair of discus spawning. This is a wild Red Spotted Green male and a Blue Snakeskin female (laying the eggs). Breeders use plastic pipes, ceramic breeding cones, and slate as places for the fish to lay eggs. If none of these are put in the tank, the discus will lay the eggs on the glass, heaters and sponges.

Photo 2: These are discus eggs after fertilization. In artificial breeding, the eggs are removed from the parents' tank to be hatched in another tank.


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