Artificial Rearing
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Photo 3: Eggs are incubated in water heated to 84 degrees. Here I am using a 10 gallon tank with a submersible heater to maintain a water temperature of 84-86 F around the eggs. A mild antibiotic/anti-fungal medication is added to the water to prevent opportunistic pathogens from attacking the eggs.

Photo 4: The fry are transferred to dishes. Once they are free-swimming they are fed an egg-based paste (egg yolk, spirulina algae, and powdered crustaceans). This paste is smeared lightly around the dish, and allowed to dry. Then the water level is raised and the fry are allowed to feed continuously. The water is changed many times a day because the egg fouls the water quickly. After three days of this diet, the young fry are fed newly hatched artemia (brine shrimp).


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