Have you ever wondered how the nitrogen cycle works? Do you know the various body parts and functions of your discus? This section covers everything from a discus’ anatomy and natural history to the nitrogen cycle at work in your tanks.

One of the many types of cichlids, discus evolved in South America in the Amazon River and its tributaries. This area of the library focuses on the discus in its natural habitat, with articles ranging from collecting wild discus to the evolution of freshwater fish.

Knowing the parts of your discus and how they function can be beneficial in many ways. As well as providing the discus hobbyist with a better understanding of the fish, it will also make it easy to identify potential problems and disease. The articles found here focus on specifics of discus anatomy.

Are you starting a new tank? Did you replace all of your filter media and end up with cloudy water? The nitrogen cycle is one of the most important processes at work in your aquarium. Without a cycled tank, ammonia and nitrites could rise to dangerously high levels and harm your fish. This section is to educate and inform hobbyists about how the cycle works in an aquarium.

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