Welcome to the SimplyDiscus Library. The information stored here was taken from articles and messages posted to our message board. The Library is designed to make locating articles about every aspect of the discus hobby quick and easy. New articles will be added as they are submitted or posted to the forum. If you have an article that you would like to submit, please send it to

Keeping Discus for Beginners RO Units: Parts and Their Functions Introduction to Freshwater Fish Parasites How often to feed Discus

The most common questions asked by aspiring discus keepers are in regards to the general care of the fish and their aquarium setup and maintenance. This section of the library covers these areas, as well as Do-It-Yourself projects.

Myth and confusion seems to surround the proper water chemistry required to keep discus. This collection of articles will explain and clarify the various water parameters involved in discus keeping, and information on how to alter them.

Discus that have been exposed to diseases or that have been improperly cared for may fall victim to a number of problems. This portion of the library concentrates on disease diagnosis, treatment, and preventative measures such as quarantine.

In order to grow large, healthy discus, a nutritious and varied diet is important. Collected here is a group of articles dealing with live, frozen, and dried foods, as well as recipes and mixes for preparing your own.
The Natural Habitat of the Discus Inducing Fish to Spawn Driftwood Treatments Common Abbreviations

Have you ever wondered how the nitrogen cycle works? Do you know the various body parts and functions of your discus? This section covers everything from a discus’ anatomy and natural history to the nitrogen cycle at work in your tanks.

Breeding is one of the greatest accomplishments that a discus keeper can achieve. The articles gathered here provide information on conditioning your fish, spawning them successfully, rearing their fry, and making sense of their genetics.

Bare-bottom tanks are great for breeding and raising discus, but the true masterpieces are discus community and show tanks. Here you will find information on suitable tank mates, suggested natural biotope setups, and planted aquariums.

Here you will find everything from conversion charts to SimplyDiscus member spotlight interviews. Chances are, if the article you were looking for did not fit into the specific headings of the library, it will be stored here.

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