Show Tanks & Biotopes
Bare-bottom tanks are great for breeding and raising discus, but the true masterpieces are discus community and show tanks. Here you will find information on suitable tank mates, suggested natural biotope setups, and planted aquariums.

Although some will say that discus do not thrive in a planted tank, it has been proven that it is entirely possible. Planted tanks are visually appealing and look more natural than a bare-bottom tank, and make great show tanks. Included in this section are articles from fellow hobbyists about the setup and care of a planted fish aquarium.

The natural discus environment is far different than the planted tanks mentioned in the previous section. These tanks often include small rocks and driftwood, and create a very realistic setting that mimics that of the wild discus. Through studying the habitat of the discus in South America, hobbyists have been able to compile the following articles regarding natural discus biotopes.

Yes, it can be done! The selection of suitable tank mates is an important factor in keeping discus in a community aquarium, but with some basic research and careful selection of species it can work wonderfully. The writings in this area will focus mainly on the good and bad choices for discus community tanks and how to go about picking a community tank setup that works for you.

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