Breeding & Genetics
Breeding is one of the greatest accomplishments that a discus keeper can achieve. The articles gathered here provide information on conditioning your fish, spawning them successfully, rearing their fry, and making sense of their genetics.

It is always exciting to peer into your tank and find that your discus are spawning, or even planning to. Some pairs may be stubborn and refuse to, other pairs may be unstoppable. Tank conditions, aquarium setup, water change routines, and even water temperature can have a bearing on how and when your fish will spawn. Find answers to your discus spawning questions here.

Discus fry are unique in that they feed solely from their parents' skin secretions for the first several days after becoming free-swimming. If the fish are raised away from their parents, this has to be replicated. Fry can be sensitive to rapid changes in their aquarium, and require specialized care in the early stages of life. Our Fry Rearing library will help to sort out the information you need to raise young discus.

Though not completely understood, basic discus genetics give insight into the results when crossing various types of discus, and also the fish crossed to create certain new color varieties. Understanding basic genetics also provide a better understanding of how traits, both good and bad, are passed from parent fish to subsequent generations of offspring. This information is important to anyone who is considering breeding discus.

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