General Discus Husbandry
The most common questions asked by aspiring discus keepers are in regards to the general care of the fish and their aquarium setup and maintenance. This section of the library covers these areas, as well as Do-It-Yourself projects.

If you've come to us in search of a little Discus 101, you've found the right place. Whether you're a soon-to-be hobbyist or a long-time discus keeper, there is something here for everyone. In this section of our library you will find articles regarding general discus care, how to pick and choose your new fish, tips and tricks to keeping healthy discus, and much more.

The health and well-being of your discus starts here. Proper aquarium setup and maintenance are an important factor in the discus equation. Here you will find out why bare-bottom tanks are recommended by many hobbyists, how to setup and cycle your aquarium, what types of heaters and filtration you will need based on your setup--all things aquarium-related are found here.

Chances are you're thinking of setting up more discus tanks. For hobbyists that have been bitten by the "discus bug," do-it-yourself projects are an affordable, easy, and inventive way to keep and maintain their aquariums. Here you will find everything from do-it-yourself filters and water changers to brine shrimp hatcheries and homemade aquarium stands.

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