Cloudy Eye
Ardan Huck May 24, 2002

The picture below is used with permission from "Handbook of Fish Diseases" by TFH Publications, Inc.

Cloudy eye can be caused by injury to the eye, fungus, bacteria, parasites, but most often due to poor water quality. (Dr. Carrington, Maintaining a Healthy Aquarium, 1985 by Salamander Books)

The recommended treatment is clean water, water changes at 50%/day. Salt may be added at 1 to 2 tablespoons/10 gallons aquarium water. PH may be lowered to 6.0, this sometimes helps.

If the eye does not clear or becomes worse, Acriflavine or Methylene blue sometimes helps (Untergasser1989).

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  • Maintaining a Healthy Aquarium by Dr. Neville Carrington, Salamander Books 1985

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