Ardan Huck May 25, 2002

The picture below was used with permission from "Handbook of Fish Diseases" by TFH Publications, Inc.

Photo 1: Skin site attacked by fungus following injury.

Fungi are a plant. It is normally found in Aquarium water as spores. It can attach to a fish by way of a wound, in dead or decaying tissue. This is how the fungi obtains its own nutrients. It can appear as a "cotton ball" or as long "feathery" attachments.

Fungus is usually a secondary infection following an injury or parasite break in the fish skin. Fungus can kill a fish.

Treatment consists of:
  1. Clean water. Eliminate as many spores as possible and promote health in the fish.

  2. Salt baths are sometimes helpful (Dr. Carrington,1985, Maintaining a Healthy Aquarium, Salamander Books), a short term dip of 3% (7.5 tablespoons/gallon, until the fish "rolls over" then place the fish in clean water) or salt at 1% = 2.5 tablespoon/gallon for 10 to 15 minutes

  3. Salt in the aquarium at 1 to 2 tablespoons/gallon for general prevention. It can be used at up to 1 tblsp/gal for treatment.

  4. Sometimes Methylene Blue may help (Dr. Carrington, 1985 and Untergasser, 1989)

  5. Modern antifungals sometimes help

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