Introduction to Freshwater Fish Parasites
Ruth Ellen Klinger and Ruth Francis Floyd  

Fish culture as a hobby or business is well established in Florida. Increased interest in fish culture has also increased awareness of and experience with parasites that affect fish health, growth, and survival. Information provided in this circular is intended for the novice fish culturist as a guide to common parasites of freshwater fish. Identification of parasites and their basic treatment is included; however, this information should not be substituted for consultation with an experienced fish health professional.

NOTE: Mention of drugs or chemicals in this publication in no way represents a recommendation for their use, nor does it imply that they are approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration or the Environmental Protection Agency.

This circular covers the following topics and species:
  1. Identification of a Parasitic Problem

  2. Protozoa
    1. Ciliates
      1. Ichthyophthirius multifiliis
      2. Chilodonella
      3. Tetrahymena
      4. Trichodina
      5. Ambiphyra
      6. Apiosoma
      7. Epistylis
      8. Capriniana
      9. Treatment of Ciliated Protozoan Infections

    2. Flagellates
      1. Hexamita / Spironucleus
      2. Ichthyobodo
      3. Piscinoodinium
      4. Cryptobia

    3. Myxozoa
    4. Microsporidia
    5. Coccidia

  3. Monogenean Trematodes

  4. Digenean Trematodes

  5. Nematodes
    1. Camillanus
    2. Capillaria
    3. Eustrongylides

  6. Cestodes

  7. Parasitic Crustacea
    1. Ergasilus
    2. Lernaea
    3. Argulus

  8. Leeches

  9. Conclusion

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