Potassium Permanganate
Jimmy L June 15, 2002

KMnO4 is deadly. The same precaution applies to a glass of R/O water. To prove it, try sticking your nose in for 5 minutes. PP is a strong oxidizing agent which kills indiscriminally. Correct use of this product can effectively contol both gram negative and positive bacterial, parasitc and fungal agents before internal infections become established.

For discus hobbyists, it's extremetly effective against Flukes and Trichodina, Columnaris, Dactylogyrus, and Saprolegnia, just to mention a few. It's quick and easily neutralized with hydrogen peroxide immediately. A safe way to use it is to make up a stock solution. I personally use 4 gm/400 ml of water. About four MacDonald's coffee stirring spoons. Starting with 1cc/gallon by a syringe, the water turns into a light reddish purple color and is maintained the same color for four hours.

Depending on the bio-load in your water, the chemical becomes deactivated, and the water color changes to yellow or muddy brown. Then an additional stock solution will be added to maintain the purplish color. At this concentration (2mg/L). It was proven by the Florida University Agricultural Dept that PP has minimal impact on a bio-filter. Some experienced discus hobbyists may strongly disagree. I fully respect their decision and this is their right not to use it if they're not capable of measuring the right amount or are color blind. They're doing the right thing for their fish and themselves.

The most advantageous use of PP is being able to see the chemical in action by looking at the color change and being able to neutralize it right away. It is recommanded always to have the neutralizer available when using PP. Use it immediately if stress is noted. There are many usages for PP besides killing bugs. My brother in Asia use it to pre-condition the water for his prize winner discus on the day of judging in competition. It turns the water crystal clear to show his fish a lot better. It may add a few points to the final result. At home, we use it to clean the vegetables before going to the market and wash the kids' scraped knees. It's kind of uneasy for me when people jump into conclusion without knowing the benefit of PP. Just my personal feelings of this great product and my 2 cents. Just my humble opinion.

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