Foods and Nutrition
In order to grow large, healthy discus, a nutritious and varied diet is important. Collected here is a group of articles dealing with live, frozen, and dried foods, as well as recipes and mixes for preparing your own.

To achieve good growth in healthy fish, one must take into consideration the dietary needs of discus. There are many types of foods available on the market today, ranging from dried to frozen. You can also prepare your own mixes. Find out here what to feed your juvenile discus, how to condition your spawning pairs, and even what automatic fish feeders are recommended by hobbyists.

Many discus keepers swear by live foods to keep their fish happy and in prime condition. Live foods may also be fed occasionally as treats, or to condition fish. In many instances, it is possible to culture your own live foods to ensure a clean, non-contaminated source for your fish.

Discus have big appetites! Making your own discus food from recipes is a great way to provide your fish with the nutrition they need without having to put a strain on your wallet. Popular recipes include beefheart mixes and seafood mixes. The recipes found in this section have been posted by fellow hobbyists and are shared here for those who are interested in preparing their own foods.

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