Roy Khoo (zoids)
John Erdman March 2003

This month's spotlight is with Roy (RK), also known as zoids. I (John Erdman (JE)) want to thank Roy for his time and effort and also for the energy he put into keeping me from having to do a lot of editing!

JE: Please tell us all a little about yourself. Single, married, attached? Other hobbies? Any significant non-discus achievements you want to brag about?

RK: My name is Roy Khoo and come from the sunny island of Singapore. I'll be turning 31 this year and currently attached with the love of my life Ai Tee. Apart from discus I keep Koi, parrots (2 african greys and a yellow nape amazon) and some flowerhorns. Other hobbies include playing tennis and scuba diving but have been really busy with discus after I started the hatchery 2 yrs ago. Currently, I'm into keeping marine fishes and live corals. I just wished discus were as vibrant in colors than marine fishes.

JE: How did you get into discus? Where was the first discus you saw? How long had you been into fish first?

RK: I started out the fish hobby when I was 11 and was successful in breeding and raising bettas and guppies. The discus hobby begun when I was 18, when my dad's friend gave him 8 2.5" Wattley turqs. Initially, for the first few months, he took care (feeding and doing water changes) of the fishes but he slowly assigned those tasks to me and I was hooked on the hobby big time. The "discus craze" was so bad that I visited most of the shops that sold discus in singapore and would end up buying fishes. This of course led to the addition of more and more tanks. Even till this day I will always remember the expression on my mom's face (Oh no, not more fishes Roy!) whenever I brought more fishes home. On numerous ocassions my dad would accompany me for discus hunting and I would have a field day with him being the paymaster. To think of it I really enjoyed that father-son bonding when we went out to look for fishes and i would like wise do so when i do have kids of my own. Whenever I knew there was a new discus book out in the stores ii was a must have and I would not take no for an answer.


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