Louis (Sly)
John Erdman November 2002

John Erdman (JE), Reporter for SimplyDiscus Forums
Louis (L), Discus Hobbyist and Fanatic

JE: I really don't know too much about Sly the person, other than he always has pics of incredible fish. Please tell us all a little about yourself. Single, married, attached? Other hobbies? Any significant non-discus achievements you want to brag about?

L: As some of you know my real name is Louis. I am 29. A true bred Singaporean, married for 4 years to my lovely wife Celia. I am currently working as a Network Engineer in an IT firm. Other than keeping discus my other hobbies are playing computer games, football(Soccer), pool (Snooker) and most of the ball games.

So far my happiest moment is setting up the website and forum for Ahkai and also discus section. It gives me a chance to interact with many hobbyists and breeders around the world and also promoting the hobby in Singapore and around the world at the same time. I have so far managed to convert a few planted guys to discus so I guess that is a small achievement. Don will not like to hear this! lol.

JE: I know absolutely nothing about Singapore. If you can tell us the basics and WHY is it that breeders there seem to have such success?

L: Singapore is a small island located in South East Asia with 3 million in population. It is a small country compare to many others. Singapore is also the place where Aquarama is being held every 2 years. The success of keeping discus here is no secret. Its the water quality that enables us to do w/c straight from tap as ph is always stable around 6 to 7. Dedication from our pioneer breeders like the Gan brothers, Mr See Cheow San,Teh Kai Hong, Lee Tong Juan, Chai Koon Seng and more was also one of the reasons why we had so much success with discus today. The book "Singapore Discus" will tell you more about Singapore discus scene during the early 80s. I have to say the pioneers have make it easier with their hardwork and good advices for the new generation breeders and hopefully the good work will continue.


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