Hardness, GH, Conductivity, Meters and Reverse Osmosis
Ardan Huck July 7, 2002

The hardness of the water has to do with how many minerals are in the water. This is an important parameter for raising and breeding discus. Some minerals are needed for proper discus growth and development. Usually a conductivity of about 100 microsiemens or less (3 GH) is recommended for breeding and a conductivity of 200 or more for growing discus. This provides enough calcium and magnesium for skeletal growth. Lowering the hardness can be accomplished by mixing in water than has gone through and RO (reverse osmosis) unit to remove the minerals, or water from a DI unit, distilled water, or rain water with tap water. Raising the hardness by the addition of minerals may be necessary if the water does not have enough minerals (water is too "soft"). Use a TDS or Conductivity meter or a test kit for measuring hardness.

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