Lateral Line System
Ardan Huck June 8, 2002

The lateral line system in a fish runs from the head to the tail. It consists of a bunch of tubular canals, under the skin, and all linked together. The tubes go from the skin surface to sensory organs with nerve endings which then send signals to the fish's brain. This system enables the fish to "feel" or sense pressure, temperature, and changes in water movement. The water movement is felt as vibrations. Changes in vibration sensation can alert fish to approaching fish or to aid in sensing what they can not see, such as objects in the water.

This lateral line may become diseased and is called lateral line disease or "Hole in the Head Disease (HITH)". It is talked about in this link;action=display;threadid=1122

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The white line in the picture below denotes the approximate position of the lateral line system in a discus. Note that it follows a path around the head and to the tail, on both sides of the fish.


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