Using Automatic Fish Feeders
Ardan Huck March 22, 2002

Automatic feeders can be used to automatically dispense dry fish foods into the aquarium.

There are several brands that have been used by members of our forum with success. An important thing to remember is that these feeders will put the food in the water while you are away. If water changes are not done while you are away, the water quality can degrade rapidly due to the feeding and possible wastes or uneaten food.

Humidity can get into some of the dry food in the feeders and plug the feeders up.

Feeders used with success by members here include:

1. Eheim, which can feed up to four times daily
2. Nutramatic, which feeds twice a day
3. Rainbow-Lifeguard, which can feed from one to four times a day. It can hold a week's worth of food, or with the optional hopper, it can hold up to four month's worth of food. It is 110 volt, so if the power goes out, no food is dispensed and will help maintain water quality.

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