Blackworms Part 2

These pictures and commentary have been provided by Dan at Aquatic Foods,

Photo 1: The first picture shows our three production ponds.

Photo 2: The second is our main harvesting pond. Worms from the production ponds are moved to the harvesting pond for 30 days.

Photo 3: The third picture shows our guys harvesting the blackworms

Photo 4: The fourth picture is of our cement purging pond. Here we leave the worms for 5 - 7 days in a bare-bottom cement pond (no food allowed).

Photo 5: The last picture shows our indoor facility. Here we clean a second and third time. What you see in this picture are thirty 100 - 120 pound holding tanks. We hold the cleaned worms here for 7 - 10 days. Then we transport them to our airport warehouse where they are held and chilled down to 40 - 45F and then shipped.

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