John Erdman April 2003

Welcome to the 1st Anniversary of Simply Discus Member Spotlight. This month we have Frank, long time member and contributor, and instead of a Q/A session, Frank wrote us a little autobiography which I edited and am pasting here for your enjoyment.

I am also including a number of pics from Frank's hatchery including some community tanks, breeding pairs and some young. I also have to say that I'm going to personally try to stop by Frank's place this summer and will add some material at that time as well.

That's enough of an introduction - here's Frank!

I am 52 years old, married for almost 25 years (poor woman) and have lived on Long Island for my entire life. I was born in a small log cabin in Brooklyn, but raised in New Hyde Park. Since, I have owned 3 houses, the last of which is in Manorville here on the Island. The house has a large basement, which is perfect for my tanks. The basement also has a full apartment, which has my own kitchen and a living room which will eventually become a showroom.

About a year ago, I made a commitment to try and become a professional Breeder. I sold all my old business properties, and have enough money to live on for about 2 full years, while I make this attempt. Got to give it a good solid shot!


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