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I have raised and bred Discus since 1992. I have been into tropical fish since the 50s. I remember as a kid, waiting for the Thursday Newsday, to see the ads for Ed's Aquarium, and Tropical Showcase here on LI, and begging my father to take me to all the stores on Saturday. Even then, my dream was to just keep this gorgeous round fish, that swam so majestically in its tank. My Dad disuaded me due to the difficulty he remembered from his own fishkeeping days and the cost of the fish. I vowed one day to give it a try.

My father was no stranger to tropical fish, either. He and his father raised all types of fish when he was a boy in an unheated greenhouse in Brooklyn. Mostly livebearers, and some cichlids - what he called Egyptian Mouth Breeders comes to mind. His experience taught me how to achieve my first breeding success with Bettas.


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