Ari & Scott
John Erdman February 2002

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Happy Valentines Day! And to commemorate this holiday, the staff of Simply Discus voted to give you a special interview this month with two of our lovebirds, Ari and Scott, live from Australia. Please enjoy the spotlight with these two extremely interesting individuals and with luck we will provide a few surprises and a lot of fun.

JE: Please tell us all a little about yourselves? How did you two meet, how did you get into discus, what do you do for a living? Anything at all that tells us more about you!

Ari: Well... this will be a long one.... lol. We met, when I was a third year university student at RMIT in Melbourne, and I was doing a vacation employment over summer at an Aluminium Smelter in Tasmania. Scott was already working there as an engineer. So, we met through work and the dating went on over summer. A lot of people thought it was only going to be a summer fling.... And to tell you the truth, so did we. But then, we kept on going out even when I had to go back to Melbourne to continue my study. We would never thought that we would be married one day.

Hhhmm.... How did I get into discus?? Well, we always have a tropical fish tank, full of tetras, rainbows and all sorts. We know about discus long before we got into them, but we always thought they were too hard and expensive... so we were not even considering them at that stage. But one day, we were walking around a local pet shop in late 2000, and we saw these little discus, they were called fuji red, for $15 ea. That was cheap, we thought. So, we thought we might buy a couple and see how they turned out in our community tank. Little did we know that it led to something bigger and Of course, we lost one a few months after, and the other one was stunted to the max.... and yes, we still have the other one for sentimental reason until now. And then, Scott started going beserk and buying discus left right and centre. I was enjoying them, but not really involved with them at first. I was busy with my cats... . And a few months after acquiring those discus, Scott took this job in Nothern Territory that required him to travel 4 weeks out of 5. That was not ideal, and he begged me to look after all the discus for him. Gee... I would not know what to do. I always have fish, but not discus. That is when I found all the websites, and finally simply , cause I wanted to learn all there is to know about discus before I killed them all. After many trial and errors (yes, I did loose discus to disease and stuff), I finally found a way to keep them happy and healthy. Not that I have perfected the art of keeping discus, but at least I know what to expect from healthy discus and be able to react accordingly if I see something out of the ordinary....

Scott and I are both engineers, but Scott's work keeps him away a lot. He is now back in Brisbane, Thank God, no more travelling for him.

Scott: You want the short version or the long? Ari and I met in December of '95 in northern Tasmania, when I was a first year graduate engineer working at Comalco Aluminium, and she was a 3rd year vacation student (undergrad) doing her industry experience at the same place. She was a good little Indonesian girl when we met, and I corrupted her... Well, that's the story she'll tell you anyway. When Ari graduated and went back to Indonesia in '97, I sold all my stuff and moved to Indonesia with her, after finding work in a mining contracting company. After a few not so subtle hints from her (extended) family, we were married in Jakarta in December of '98 in a traditional Java wedding.

Ari and I have always liked fish, she had guppies and mollies when she was eight, and I had goldfish when I was around the same age. I had some wild caught marines for a little while, and went back to comets when I was in university. I used to pack all the fish up 4 times a year and drive home with them in an esky in the back of my car! When I was in Tassie I had a pair of oscars, and when we moved back to Australia in 2000 I had a 4 foot tank that I filled with tetras and other tropicals. Then it was a slow transition to Discus, who have not completely supplanted other species, but now dominate our fishtanks.

We also like other animals, and have 2 crossbreed dogs, 3 cats (Burmese, Persian and himalyan) and a lime fisher.


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