Ari & Scott
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JE: How many discus do you currently own? How many tanks? What strains do you have? What strain/s do you like best?

Ari: Do I have to give the exact number??? Gee... I guess about 50 of them. I have to count We are currently running 4 tanks for my discus.

I like the classic strain, like rsg (my most favourite), turq, and alenquer. I mostly love wilds, but I have given up on them. The kind of wilds that enter Australia are mostly sickly and very expensive, so I think I will stick with the classic strain instead.

Scott: Right now we are overstocked. Without counting exactly, we have around 50 discus, from juveniles right up to adults. We have bought the odd adult discus (5 or 6 total) and the others we have grown out ourselves. We have 3 tanks of discus (one for adults @ 120g, one for 2 to 4 inch fish @ 55g, and one for sub 2 inchers @55g. We also have 2 brood tanks (1 is occupied), a growout tank (empty), a hospital tank, a quarantine tank (both empty), a 65g octagonal goldfish tank, and a 55g full of rainbows, left-over tetras and some apistos and bolivian rams. Oh, and a 1/2 gallon tank with a northern purple spotted gudgeon that I caught in the Northern Territory. He's a fish eater, so he has his own quarters.

I like pigeons and their derivatives the best, and of course whites!! At the moment we have a bit of everything, 2 golden snakeskins, a blue diamond, 2 MRs, 2 RSGs, 4 white pigeons, some RTs and derivitaves (scribbles, chequers etc), browns, alenquers, goldens...

JE: Which of you is more this discus addict? What strains/fish do your partner like best?

Ari: Well... Scott started this whole hobby... and I have to say at present, he is more into it than I am. Up until a little while ago, I was crazy about my discus... there was nothing better to spend my money and time on....if you ask I think I am actually a better discus keeper than he I have more patience... I will get into them again though, I love the fish... and I don't think I ever give up the hobby whatever happens.

Scott absolutely loves the pigeon variety. Anything with pigeon in it!! Pity it is hard to get clean pigeon here in Australia... He loves those whites too and their crosses... red white, yellow white, etc. Still hard to find in Australia... and if there are any, the prices are ridiculously expensive. He still wants them though...but I guess he has to wait.

Scott: Well... I worked away in the Northern Territory all last year, so Ari was the discus nut then - she couldn't stop buying discus. I had a trip for for a week every month, so we bought a new tank and some discus each time! Now that I'm home and working in the city, I do most of the discus chores now. Ari has something new to occupy her time now. But more about that later...

Ari's favourite strains are definitely wilds. If she could have a planted biotope tank of wild Tefe greens and heckels she would be in heaven.


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