Halloween Spotlight Special
John Erdman October 2003

Hi everyone! For a special treat for Halloween, we have a series of mini-spots by the administrators and moderators of Simply Discus! In line with the season, they are all either "tricks" or "treats." I think you will find a lot more tricks than treats! Why is this? I think because every day with discus is filled with treats, so the tricks tend to stand out! I think that all the spots are great and I had a lot of fun going over them! We hope you will all enjoy them!

BETH (Trick):
Damn That VooDoo Woman And Simply Discus

The Curse That Caused This Insane Behavior

For me, it was initially started with one of my clients announced to me that she was a VooDoo Woman. She was moving and decided she needed to rid herself of this insane obsession. She cursed me with a tank, which was possessed with a pair of fresh water Angelfish, well... After a year of being abused under the care of an amateur they started creating havoc in my life by spawning.

Me having the Motherly Instinct I had the incredible urge to find out how to care for these demon fish. Those two fish managed to multiply into thousands in no time at all... what was I thinking? That VooDoo Woman must have known exactly where to push the pins to cause so much madness and chaos in my tanks.

The next thing you know that curse caused me to have more tanks and more angelfish fry than I could get rid of. After awhile I thought that curse had been broken when the spawning slowed down a bit. Damn! Was I ever wrong!

Spellbound by this VooDoo Woman and those demon angelfish, I was in need of getting that curse broken... I searched and searched until I stumbled upon a place called Simply Discus.Com where it appeared to be a place of refuge for the weak and weary fish people, it had a pure and wholesome look and feel to the place. Damn, was I ever wrong again!

I thought Brewmaster could help me with my dilemma that I was now engulfed in. His suggestion was that I contact Cary at Great Lakes Discus. He told me that Cary would be able to perform an Exorcism on me that would break that Evil VooDoo Womans Spell!!!

Lo and behold, I had now been deceived by this Cult Leader Brewmaster and his High Preist Cary! I was told to pick my poison, will it be Demon Angelfish or The King of the Aquarium, Discus?

What little did I know...? Cary the High Priest had an ulterior motive! By performing this spell I was much worse than the curse I was previously under... This curse, The Discus Nightmare started with only one shipment, which led to the need of getting a new Discus fix with other shipments which led to bigger tanks, breeding cones, wet dreams, sleepless nights, Discus fry, flooded rooms throughout the house, horrific dreams, heartbreak and water changes galore...

Oh My God!!! Simply Discus has now created a monster size addiction deep within my soul... Iím afraid this curse will never be broken.

The VooDoo that Brewmaster and Cary embrace can and will cause irreparable damage to all innocent fishkeepers!

This Horror Story is one to learn from people. This can happen to any of you. Beware!!!!!!!!!

Be Afraid.... Be Very Afraid!

Written and Co-written by

Beth and her Demons


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