Halloween Spotlight Special
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APRIL (Trick):
Once upon a time there was a little mod who wanted to keep discus. She started with 6 blue turqs. And then she began collecting. The little moderator needed more info... and began looking on the internet. She Found a forum and began to read and read and read daily. She met a lot of people on there including Cary of Great Lakes Discus and Brewmaster and Carol. Of course the more pictures she saw the more discus the little mod needed. This all was a great treat!

Water changes were always a source of concern. Hoses draping up and down stairs and out windows and running every which way. Some water changes were done successfully... but some didn't quite work out right. In one instance she had the hose siphoning from upstairs down to the tub downstairs. Unbeknownst to her, the hose didn't stay in the tub. The water siphoned onto the floor of her shop and out the front door. There were many times where waterfalls were running down the stairs and one time she filled upstairs and became distracted until water was dripping through the ceiling! That day she said a little prayer for her new hero, the shopvac!

One day the little mod moved to a nice new shiny apartment on the fifth floor. It seems the hero of a shopvac had a short in one wire. It was left plugged in and sitting in a bucket. Well the mod and her family woke up to smoke and fire flying up! The cat scratching tower and the bucket all melted on the tiles. The fuse blew and no smoke alarms worked. So the new building had its first fire.

The shopvac company replaced her shopvac with an upgraded version. All went well for her until this month. It mush have been the trickers or the ghosts and goblins hanging about, as some little goblin knocked the hose out of her water storage tank and it back siphoned. Apparently she f orgot to break the siphon. She was merrily yabbering away on her favorite chat room when suddenly there was a knock knock knock on the door. It seemed the hallway was under water! Out came that new shopvac and she started vacuuming. It seemed there were some trickers around!

Still, despite the tricks, our little mod decided that she definitely had more treats in her bags than tricks! She remained a happy little Halloweener.


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