Dennis Hardenburger
John Erdman July 2002

Here we are, folks, and sorry for the delay. Dennis is a busy man and it was tough getting things together, but without further ado, here's our July Spotlight!

John Erdman (JE), Reporter for SimplyDiscus Forums
Dennis Hardenburger (DH), Discus Hobbyist and Fanatic

JE: Hi Dennis, thanks for taking the time to visit with us this month. Let's start by getting a little background. Tell us about your home life.

DH: I am 57 years old, married my high school sweet heart, have been married thirty eight years, three sons and three granddaughters.

JE: Sounds like a great family. And what do you do for a living?

DH: I have been a carpenter since high school and have commercial fished half of the year for twenty years. Sold the boat in 2000 because of health reasons and because I'm tired of being gone from home for months at a time. I have one and one half years left to draw my retirement from the carpenters union. We are putting our home up for sale soon and I will be building our permanent retirement home with a dedicated fish room. Well at least I am going to retire, the wife informed me she wants to work until she is seventy five and is going to school to make a career change.

JE: Plus then you can add more tanks and she won't know about it during the day! Other than discus do you and your wife have any hobbies?

DH: Besides the fish hobby the wife and I are avid scuba divers and have been diving for thirty six years, also we are both into photography both below and above water.

We have no other pets but when our sons were young we raised saint Bernard's for five years, the boys really had a good time with the dogs.


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