Dennis Hardenburger
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JE: Getting down to fish, how did you get into the hobby?

DH: We bought our first aquarium in 1965 shortly after being married, started with the usual guppies, swords, mollies, etc.

It wasn't long before we were raising angel fish and it just happened that here in Corvallis, Oregon there was just one fish shop and the owner wanted to retire so we bought it and the wife ran the business while I worked there evenings and week ends.

A student at Oregon State University came in one day and was moving and wanted to know if we would buy his fish, when I went and looked at what he had. I was really surprised!

There were the most beautiful fish I had ever seen! A pair of Watley turquoise discus. I have been in love with Discus every since then. It took me almost two years to get a successful spawn from them. Information back then was scarce and mostly highly guarded secrets.

JE: So what happened then?

DH: We sold the fish shop after four years as several chain stores came to town and it just didn't make enough profit to justify the time. We kept fish at home for a few more years then just kind of got out of them.

JE: But not for good, obviously.

DH: No. In 1995 the wife said I would like to get an aquarium, so we bought a fifty gallon and before you knew it we were raising hundreds of angel fish. I do most tank maintenance and finally said if I am going to spend the time to raise fish it might as well be Discus, so here I am.

JE: So what do you have for tanks right now?

DH: The wife still has her fifty gallon with angels and I have three 29s two 50s four 65s and one 130 gallon all for Discus. I hear the number of fish most discus nuts have and I say wow. I only have four breeding pairs and at the moment are all in the 130 gallon because my time is limited right now and I don't have the time to be raising fry.

Okay, I do have a few young fish that I am raising for future breeders but most of my aquariums are empty at the moment.


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