Jason Niemi
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JE: What were the major obstacles involved in setting up your fish room. Any specific challenges that needed to be overcome and how did you do it?

JN: Right now my fishroom is a mess, I've got tanks all over the place, my new room will be fairly modern. My only advice for people at the fishroom stage is try to streamline everything, make things as efficient as possible. Its a great hobby and very rewarding, but when you get over extended, its just not fun anymore. You got into the hobby to enjoy the fish not to slave away doing water changes and having other aspects of your life suffer because of it. When it gets to that point, step back and take a break. I've had to do this a few times over the years, then eventually you pick back up and its all fun again - the reason you started in the first place.

JE: How many fish do you currently have? What strains are you the most happy with? What strain/s do you like best, personally?

JN: Due to a fammily situation I've scaled back alot recently. I have some of my own fish that are adults in a 180 for now and some wilds in my bedroom and some heckel crosses in another tank that I'm waiting to find something to cross them with. I really like wild yellow/browns right now, and heckels of course, and I really like all the older strains you don't really see anymore. Those were the fish I first saw in the books and I want them again. I guess the hobby has gone full-circle for me. I do like the new stuff, like the mellons and whites and gold snakes. I can very much appreciate all the hard work that goes into those and if I was just starting out that's what I'd have, but they are just not "my thing."

JE: Any tips on breeding or raising discus?

JN: Start with good fish and Good advice! If I listened to those know-it-all clowns that hang out at the lfs or on the internet these days, I would have never made it this far. The fish themselves will show you you everything you need to know, its no secret anymore what to feed or when to medicate etc,etc, but still the fish will show you when its time to do those things. Also follow mother nature, She's giving the discus all they've needed for millions of years, she also has no problems spawning heckels or raising fry.


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