Ryan Smith
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JE: You are presently a student?

RS: Yes. This August I will start my second year of college. I'm currently majoring in Computer Science. I plan to finish up my first two years at a junior college and then transfer to a university. I'm undecided on which university, though I've gotten lots of great recommendations from friends and teachers along the way. It's a big decision.

JE: Do you have any specific life goals?

RS: I'm not sure yet on 'life' goals. My main concern right now would be to finish college. I am the first person in my family both on my mom and dad's sides to go to college. Everyone else got married right out of high school. If I try to plan for too many goals, I get overwhelmed. I find it's best to take one thing at a time. Right now I'm looking for a job to pay for some of the costs of college, and discus-keeping of course. I would eventually like to have a job that I love and raise a family. I don't want to be rich (although I wouldn't complain) and I'm not too picky about what line of work I'm in, as long as I don't dread waking up every morning. I'm from a very big family, I'm the oldest of 14 grandchildren on my dad's side, so I look forward to kids.

JE: Any significant other in your life?

RS: This may sound weird, but I guess you could say 'significant others.' No, I'm not a swinger but I have so many incredibly close friends and they're all 'significant' in some sense of the word. I devote time to each and every one of them and they've become like my family in a way. So, take that for what you will. ;)

JE: What do your parents think about fish?

RS: They've learned to live with it. We live in a rural area in Florida and everyone here has pets, whether it's a dog or horses or whatever. I'm such an animal lover. My mom and dad both kept pets as kids, in fact my dad used to help my grandpa with their cattle, but neither of them wanted me to have a pet. They got fish for me in the hopes that I'd quit asking for a puppy or a kitten. Little did they know it would explode into an obsession. My mom cringes at the sight of fish food in her freezer, or spilled water on my bedroom floor, but I always remind them that fish were their idea. The only times they've ever been excited about my fish are when I have cichlids raising fry (especially angelfish).

JE: About the time you spend doing simply?

RS: Mom and dad know I'm always online. Before Simply I was doing other websites for other hobbies. This is the first time I've really had a hand in building an entire web community. My other sites were just sites, no forums or chat rooms.


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