Ryan Wong (Orient)
John Erdman October 2003

Here we are, folks, in record time. I (John Erdman (JE))have to thank Ryan (Orient) for really speeding up the process and getting back to me within a day with the questions! I was planning on doing a bit of a Halloween special, but I'm thinking that everyone would rather just hear about Ryan Wong (RW) ASAP and also see some pics of his great fish. So, that's my October surprise - an early spotlight!

And heeeeeere's the real, uncensored Orient!

JE: Please tell us all a little about yourself. Single, married, attached? Other hobbies? Any significant non-discus achievements you want to brag about?

RW: Hi there, my name is Ryan Wong and generally known as Wong among my friends over here. I'm 31 and come from Penang, Malaysia. Just gotten married in May to my pretty wife Mei Kin this year and expecting my first baby boy in Feb 2003... I am going to be a dad!

Apart from discus, I keep marine fish and 5 dogs at home. Pretty much discus keeping has been my main hobby. The amount of work and time required to maintain my farm takes up the bulk of my time. I am very happy to have a very understanding wife.

JE: Congratulations on your impending fatherhood! How did you get into discus? Where was the first discus you saw? How long had you been into fish first?

RW: I had my first discus in 1990 when my present partner and good friend Lawrence Soon gave me some discus (brilliants). It was love at first sight and started my journey into amazing world of discus keeping. I never kept any fish before and can you imagine the amount of anxiety and stress that those discus put me through? I nearly gave up on those delicate fish until I had my first pair spawning. That precious moment made all the effort worthwhile.


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