Ryan Wong (Orient)
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JE: How did you decide to take the plunge into breeding as a professional endeavor?

RW: I actually stopped keeping discus in 1992 when I left to the States for my undergraduate studies in Lexington, KY. Came back in 1996 and started working in a bank. The mundane job nearly drove me nuts and I lasted only 9 months on the job. As chance would have it, I was reunited with Lawrence Soon and soon joined his company, Lucky Tropical Fish Farm as his partner. Hey, I was thinking, isnt it great to work with something you really enjoy. I have never looked back since. We are among the pioneering companies in discus breeding and among the first to market our discus online.

I am really more of a marketing man and only help out in the w/c... LOL! Most of the breeding is managed by Lawrence and he is a very qualified and experienced discus keeper. All the credit goes to him. I am just someone that handles all the sales, money and complaints..

JE: What were the major obstacles involved in setting up as a breeder? Any advice for aspiring breeders?

RW: The major obstacles are generally producing the best shaped discus and keeping them healthy. Discus fry below 2 inches requires the most care and attention. This is the time when the lack of it will make you runts or culls even if you have the best shaped parents. There are so many times that we get frustrated when we see the insanely high amount of frys that we have to cull.

For aspiring breeders, patience is the major trait that you must have and always buy good reputable breeding stock. Do seek opinion of other enthusiast/breeders. We might know a lot but never everything.


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