Jeff Young
John Erdman September 2003

Let me (John Erdman (JE)) start by thanking Jeff Young (JY)for responding so quickly! Despite this being his busy season he got back to me in one day! Great job!

Here we go!

JE: Please tell us all a little about yourself. Single, married, attached? Other hobbies? Any significant non-discus achievements you want to brag about?

JY: I'm Single. I enjoy fishing, hunting, and shooting.

JE: How did you get into discus? Where was the first discus you saw? How long had you been into fish first?

JY: Its actually my brother and I. The first discus I saw was at a local club auction in Chicago. At that time I was into guppies and my brother helped me out. I went that day to buy some new trios for $8.00 and saw discus selling for $15 each. I thought man poor guy just spent $15 for 1 and I got 3 for $8. Then I thought well bad for the buyer, but good for the breeder. Here Im selling guppy fry for $.50 each. So that is what opened my eyes. I had been into guppies since a kid with my brother and liked them because of the colors. That fall in 97 I went and visited Jacks hatchery in Miami. When I saw his pairs taking care of fry that did it for me.

A few weeks later we saw some in a local pet store and wanted to give it a go. The owner said they are very difficult to keep and would probably die. That was all the challenge I needed to do it. But it wasnt until last year we got crazy with it.

JE: How did you decide to take the plunge into breeding as a professional endeavor?

JY: Last year my brother lost his job in Florida and came out to join me and my business. When I knew he was coming out I started buying all the equipment I needed because I knew at that point it was on. I actually do not breed. I import. I like getting 2-3 inch fish and growing out from there. We then set up a web site and selling over the net.


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