Jeff Young
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JE: What were the major obstacles involved in setting up as an importer? Any advice for aspiring importers/breeders?

JY: My biggest obstacle is just peoples mentalities that discus are difficult. Dont buy the books and waste your time. All the correct info you need is on the forums. Take time to research what you want and dont be in a hurry to buy. Take a few months and really do your homework first. Then ask a lot of questions. The chat rooms are great for this. Most folks are willing to help out newbies. From there you should know enough to make smart decisions about what to buy and what is an ideal discus.

I do this strictly as a hobby. For me two things are important.

1. I must have fun and enjoy what Im doing.

2. When the day is over I must feel good about what I have done.

If you always keep your focus in mind and have patience you will go a long ways.

JE: How many pairs do you currently have producing? How many tanks? What would be the maximum you could handle with your current system?

JY: Im always changing my tanks and configurations around. Im in the process of doing that again. My max will be under 2,000 gallons though. 28 60s and a few misc larger tanks. This winter I should be close to that. It just depends on how busy I am. Im a contractor and work on this in my spare time. The summer is our busiest time and we slow down in Jan and Feb.


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