RO Units: Parts and Their Functions
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Photo 4: When correctly seated it looks like this:

Photo 5: The lower portion is then screwed back onto the cap and tightened with a filter wrench. The way the cap and can are designed, the prefilter will line up properly as the can is tightened.

Photo 6: This is the filter bracket. It is the backbone of the RO unit as it provides support for all the other components and a mounting base for the unit itself. Some manufacturers use a plastic one. This particular one is powder coated steel. Steel provides a more durable and stable support. Note the holes in the top. They are for mounting the cans and membrane housing brackets. They also allow hoses to be routed from below.

Photo 7: Here's a top view. The screws for holding the cans are stainless steel to avoid corrosion. Notice all the screw holes are not utilized to hold the cans in place. Some will be used for the membrane housing clips which also use stainless screws for mounting.


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