How often to feed Discus
Ardan Huck  

Generally it is best to feed discus three to five times per day for best growth and health. Some people use automatic feeders for feedings of dry food during the day.

A variety of foods is best. Live foods, dry flakes, pellets (make sure to presoak them before feeding, so they don't swell up inside the discus' stomach and cause a possible blockage), and frozen foods are often used. If fish seem to become dependent on only one type of food, do not feed them for a day or so. They will become very hunger and are more likely to eat other foods again.

Younger fish need frequent small feedings as their stomachs cannot hold as much food and they need more food to support their fast growth rate. However, water quality must be maintained and all uneaten food removed so as not to pollute the water.

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