Jeff Doty
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JE: Sorry about that, Jeff! What were the major obstacles involved in setting up as a hobbyist breeder? Any advice for aspiring breeders?

JD: The most important obstacles I have worked on are, water movement, meaning how to get the water into and out of the tanks, as you move a large amount of water every day, and covering the added expenses of keeping a lot of fish and tanks.

My advice to aspiring breeders would be to:
  • Purchase only from reputable sources, which means doing your homework.

  • Purchase the best quality stock. Dont try to save a few dollars on what looks like a good deal, because it probably isnt.

  • Read everything available on discus and the aquarium hobby.

  • Commit yourself to water changes.

  • Remember to stop and observe your discus everyday.

  • Work with strains that interest you, and give you motivation.

  • Be 100% honest with others.

  • Consider all available information, but do what makes sense to you.

  • Enjoy your discus, and share them with others.


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