Jeff Doty
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JE: What is your most exhilarating moment with discus?

JD: When a pair has fry on their back, or is tending young fry, and working together to protect them.

JE: What is your most frustrating moment with discus?

JD: Seeing a pair eat spawn after spawn. Doing everything right, and still have fish get sick and die.

JE: Do you have any future discus plans that you would like to share with us?

JD: My future plans are to continue to work with wild discus, and hopefully breed the Heckel discus some day.

JE: How do those in your life feel about discus?

JD: They dont understand, but they know it is important to me, so they offer their support.

JE: Do you have any funny, amusing or interesting discus stories to share with us?

JD: Well, lets see, I once had 3 pairs breed within the span of 2 days in the same tank! They were in a 110 gallon 6 foot tank, and one pair spawned at each end on flower pots, and the 3rd pair spawned on a large rock in the center of the tank. One male decided all the fry were going to be his, and started stealing fry from the other pairs. He would sneak up behind a barrier, and then wait for the parent with the fry on their back to come near him, then jump out and grab a few fry in his mouth and head back to the female and deposit the fry on her. After a few times of this, she was not a very happy discus! Too many fry! It was a great experience, and it was amazing to see several hundred fry roaming around from pair to pair.


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