Rod Lewis
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JE: How many tanks do you have?

RL: 45, although only half have discus, atm. I have been taking a long break and only breeding a trickle.

JE: What would be the maximum number of pairs you would be able to handle in the future.

RL: I've had up to 10 pairs on the go at a time before, the amount of work involved in looking after the fry from 10+ pairs is incredible, so I guess thats my upper limit.

JE: What strains are you the most happy with?

RL: My red turks, blue turks, red diamond and alenquers are sound strains and I am happy with them.

JE: Which do you think need some work?

RL: My golden pbs, though they are nice, they are highly variable from fish to fish. I like uniformity in the fry.

JE: Are you working on anything new and exciting now?

RL: Not really, just trying to improve the strains I already have.

JE: What strain/s do you like best, personally?

RL: I can appreciate any good quality discus, but my personal favs are red turks and blue turks. I also love natural looking discus.


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