Rod Lewis
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JE: What do you see as the future of discuskeeping?

RL: I think the future for discus will be good, there are countless new strains these days to keep people excited.

JE: More/less people?

RL: More people as the prices for discus continue to drop, the newer types will always remain expensive, but the prices for common strains are quite good I think.

JE: Any cool ideas for strains?

RL: I think the white based strains are going to be great. Something with a complex pattern over a white base would look beautiful i think.

JE: Can you think of anything I left out you would like to bring up - either personally or discus related?

RL: A pair of discus I owned were once used as models to help advertise a major home show here in Brissie, and my hatchery has been featured on a childrens nature show 'Totally Wild' a few years ago.

JE: Here's an important question! Do you have any cool free fish to give to the guy doing the interview? (j/k!)

RL: Sure John, come and get them anytime you like!

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