Rod Lewis
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JE: Any tips on breeding or raising discus?

RL: Make sure you have great quality water, most problems with keeping fish can be found in the water they live in.

JE: What do you feed your discus?

RL: The diet I give my fish is Beef heart and prawn mix I make myself, frozen bloodworms, frozen brineshrimp and tetra color bits. As a treat I also feed earthworms and mozzie larvae.

JE: You must go through a ton of fish food!


JE: What is your most exhilarating moment with discus?

RL: I would have to say when the fry become freeswimming, and the pair are giving them tender loving care. I never tire of that magnificent sight!

JE: What is your most frustrating moment with discus?

RL: Over the time i've had with discus i've come to realize that success has an evil twin failure. Not being able to breed certain discus that I really wanted to breed is quite frustrating. I've made some silly errors over the years but I think without these failures I wouldn't have learnt as much, so I guess I just try and keep it all in perspective and try the best I can.


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