Jeff Young
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JE: What strains are you the most happy with? Which do you think need some work? Are you importing anything new and exciting now? What strain/s do you like best, personally?

JY: I like Leopards, RSG, Blue Diamonds, Ocean Greens, Goldens, and the Mandarin Passions.

Lately for me its been the Mandarin Passions that trips my trigger. I have a chair in front of their tank and I can sit and watch them for hours if I have the time.

The Leopards are in a tank in my office and I sit and watch them when I'm on the computer.

For my brother, he loves the yellows. He still gets mad at me every time I sell one.

JE: What do you feed your discus?

JY: This is a very important question. I feed a variety of foods to achieve a balanced diet. Hikari Blood Worms, Ocean Nutrition Formula 1 and 2, Tetra Bits, Plankton Gold, and a Sea Food mix.

I like the CBW but have taken a break to rethink their usefulness. The worms are great for fry, but I dont breed. For 2 inches and above I think the above rotation is good for them. The biggest problem I have with worms is my customers want to feed what I feed. Out of 60+ local customers only about 5 percent of my customers really take care of the worms the way they need to be taken care of. The result is constant chronic sick discus. So a few months ago I stopped feeding and selling the worms. I was suggesting flake and frozen and guess what? No more calls about sick discus. Now it wasnt the worms fault the discus were sick, it was lack of care of the worms were given that made the discus sick. All of my customers know how to care for them, they just slip up a time or two and the next thing you know they are looking for Metro. If their discus are sick it reflects on me. If their discus are healthy and happy I have a greater chance for repeat customers.

JE: What is your most exhilarating moment with discus?

JY: Every time I get in a new batch. Opening the boxes is just like Christmas as a kid. I also enjoy getting new types of discus I have never had before.


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