Jeff Young
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JE: What do you see as the future of discuskeeping? More/less people? Any cool ideas for strains?

JY: It is my hope to improve the knowledge and quality of discus here in the US. That will attract new hobbyists and grow the hobby. The easier it is for folks to be successful the faster the hobby will grow. The hobby is growing now, but could be faster.

What Im waiting for now is a nice Red Spotted Yellow Discus. I know someone in the Orient has some he just wont share yet. Soon I hope.

JE: Can you think of anything I left out you would like to bring up - either personally or discus related?

JY: I think my philosophy is very important. I do not represent any breeder. Im not a franchise or dealer to any specific breeder nor do I have any monthly minimums I have to commit to. So what I do represent is the buyer. I look for the highest consistent quality at the best prices I can get them for. Im only interested in the top end of a spawn. It is my responsibility to make the buyer happy. My success is not measured on how many discus I sell rather how happy my customers are with me. That is both initial and on going.

The majority of my customers are local. I prefer not to ship, but will if necessary. I just like customers coming in and being able to pick out their own discus. They are going to have them for a while and I think they should get what they want rather than me picking their pet.

JE: Thanks a lot Jeff! This has been a very interesting interview from the perspective of an importer as opposed to a full scale breeder! Good luck!

Note: The pictures in this spotlight are a mix of Jeff's own fish and fish from the breeder, Ryan Wong (Orient).

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